Saturday, February 6, 2010

FRIDAYS - Taylor Davis

Well it's actually Saturday and Maryland is under a "State of Emergency" due to 30 inches of snow over the past two days, weather not seen here since the 1920's.

I came across a review a couple years ago of a show of sculpture by Taylor Davis and I was intrigued by her work in wood and mixed media. I saved the article about her for quite a while so it's fun to be able take her off my bookmark list and include her here. Her craftsmanship is top drawer and attention to detail specific, with an aesthetic treading minimalist territory but with a sense of humor and a feel for process and materiality. She has exhibited in the Whitney Biennalle 2004, White Columns, Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston  etc. I've never personally seen her work but her web site has lots of interesting categories to browse through.

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